About LTCA

In many European Union countries, there are functioning structures of affiliated tax consultants that ensure the quality of services provided by tax consultants. When Lithuania joined the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an additional requirement emerged for the Lithuanian Tax Administrator to improve tax administration by reducing administrative costs and effectively combat aggressive tax planning by collaborating with tax consultants as intermediaries between the Tax Administrator and taxpayers. In line with this, the Lithuanian Tax Consultants Association (LTCA) was established in February 2016.

Founders and Board of Directors
(since establishment in 2016)

LTCA was founded in February 2016 by three experienced tax professionals: tax consultant Rūta Bilkštytė (President), tax lawyer Marius Grajauskas, and tax consultant and VAT expert Karolina Jogminaitė.

Current Board of Directors
(since September 2022)

Since September 2022, the Board of Directors of LTCA consists of: Arūnas Šidlauskas (Chairman of the Board), Marius Grajauskas, Karolina Jogminaitė-Matačienė, Sandra Pavlova, and Dangutė Pranckėnienė.