LTCA members

We invite you to get acquainted with tax consultants currently contributing to the activities of the association.

Arūnas Šidlauskas

Arūnas Šidlauskas is a partner at ILAW LEXTAL law firm and a tax dispute attorney.

Arūnas Šidlauskas specializes in tax law and tax disputes, with over 25 years of legal work experience. He started his career as a tax consultant in 1995 in Lithuania, working for Arthur Andersen (at that time, one of the BIG6 companies). Later, he served as the Head of the Legal and Tax Department at Grant Thornton Baltic for 11 years.

Arūnas has a lot of experience advising local and international clients on direct taxes, tax planning, pricing, and business law matters, including representation in court. He regularly publishes articles in specialized publications for tax specialists, auditors, and accountants.

Marius Grajauskas

Marius Grajauskas is one of the founders of the Lithuanian Tax Consultants Association.

Marius Grajauskas is the Managing Partner of the law firm LEADELL Balčiūnas and Grajauskas, an expert in tax, banking, and financial law with over 25 years of legal experience.
In 2015, Marius was awarded the International Tax Law Diploma (ADIT) from the Royal Institute of Taxation in London (

Marius specializes in complex tax disputes related to profit, income, VAT, and other taxes, as well as issues concerning the application of international treaties to avoid double taxation. He has represented clients in European Union institutions and the European Court of Human Rights, prepared controlled transaction pricing documentation for both local and international companies, provided tax advice on business structuring and other tax matters to taxpayers, and represented clients in pre-trial investigations and criminal cases related to financial crimes.

Karolina Jogminaitė - Matačienė

A master of law. Managing director of UAB 'KJ & Associates.' Karolina has been working in the field of tax law since 2002, specializing in indirect taxes. She has worked as a tax advisor at Deloitte Lithuania and as the Head of the Indirect Taxes Department at the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania. Karolina enhanced her qualifications through internships at the tax authorities in the Netherlands and Sweden. She has also been a member of various working groups formed by the European Commission to address complex international issues.

Sandra Pavlova

Sandra is the Head of Business Tax Services at 'Lewben.'

With over 10 years of experience, she advises both Lithuanian and foreign companies on matters related to direct taxes and tax incentives. She also has experience in tax optimization through conducting various companies' tax due diligence and providing advice on corporate mergers, reorganizations, and international taxation issues. She has accumulated significant expertise working with companies engaged in various industrial sectors, including information technology, trade, and services. Sandra represents companies in tax disputes and acts as an intermediary for clients in negotiations with the State Tax Inspectorate to resolve binding decisions and inquiries on various tax matters. Her accumulated experience and knowledge enable Sandra to consider each client's specific needs and assess situations from both legal and tax perspectives, providing the best solution for the client.

Danguolė Pranckėnienė

Leading Partner at 'Moore Mackonis,' an audit, accounting, tax, and business consulting company.

Kęstutis Ambrazaitis

Private court expert, certified auditor.

In 2013, Kęstutis Ambrazaitis was registered as an expert in the field of audit expertise in the list of court experts in the Republic of Lithuania. Since then, he has been conducting economic (tax, accounting, financial and financial statement audits, operational audits, internal audits, tax, fund utilization, assurance, and other related services, financial fraud) court expertise and expert investigations commissioned by parties involved in all instances, general jurisdiction, administrative and arbitration courts. He also performs investigations of legal entities' activities (Article 2.124 of the Civil Code) and provides specialist services in accordance with the Law on Administrative Proceedings, the Criminal Code, and the Code of Civil Procedure.

Kęstutis Ambrazaitis has 25 years of experience in accounting and financial statement audit. He has accumulated significant expertise in conducting financial statement audits and other assurance services for business and public sector companies engaged in various manufacturing, trading, and service activities.

Kęstutis Ambrazaitis
Kęstutis Ambrazaitis

Simona Karišauskaitė

+15 years of experience in consulting, administration, and control of personal taxes.

  • Issues related to the calculation, declaration, and refund of taxes paid by individuals, as well as transaction accounting;

  • Consultation and options for choosing the form of business operations, registration, accounting matters, and possibilities/limitations of execution;

  • Assistance in filling out and submitting all mandatory declarations for individuals to the State Tax Inspectorate.

Reda Kurlavičienė

Areas of expertise: tax law and tax disputes, taxation of corporate mergers and acquisitions, litigation and arbitration, criminal law.

Professional activity/career:

  • Since 2007: ADLEX Law Firm, partner;

  • 2001 – 2007: Law firm L. Vilius and partners, attorney, partner;

  • 2000 – 2001: Law firm I. Romaškevičius, D. Romaškevičienė, legal assistant;

  • 1998 – 2000: Law firm I. Romaškevičius, D. Romaškevičienė, legal specialist;

  • 1997: Vilnius District Police Department, pre-trial investigator;

Indrė Lasauskienė

Senior Accountant

Since 2008, I have been working in an international business company. The company specializes in the establishment and administration of legal entities in Lithuania and abroad, providing consultations on tax and asset protection matters. My area of expertise is organizing accounting for legal entities (both domestic and foreign), providing consultations, optimizing accounting costs, and offering tax advice. I have extensive experience working with companies engaged in international trade.

Jaroslav Lukoševičius

Extensive experience working with foreign holdings or trading structures, asset protection/flexible inheritance planning with discretionary products (we have our offices in Estonia, Malta (with trustee licenses), but we also work with other jurisdictions). In Lithuania, we sell already established companies (UAB, MB) and fully administer them (including directorship services, address, office, accounting, tax, and legal consulting).

Vilma Priluckytė

Grant Thornton Baltic UAB Head of Tax Projects

Vilma has been successfully working in the field of tax law for over a decade. She started her career at the State Tax Inspectorate, auditing individuals, and later continued her successful work in the private sector, serving as a tax attorney in a law firm, as well as an independent tax consultant. Vilma applied her expert knowledge to consult companies engaged in complex tax transactions (related to VAT and corporate income tax). Additionally, she was involved in intricate tax disputes that resulted in victories for the taxpayers. Vilma successfully defended the interests of Lithuanian businesses by appealing to the European Commission and proving that certain provisions of the Lithuanian VAT law do not comply with EU law.

Jolita Ratkė

I have extensive experience in financial management and accounting services in large private equity real estate, service, and trading companies. I have gained significant expertise in financial reporting, planning, accounting, and cash flow management.

Vykintas Valiulis

Partner at Grant Thornton Baltic UAB, Head of Tax and Business Consulting Department

With over 12 years of experience in the tax field, including 6 years in a 'Big4' international professional services firm. Vykintas has accumulated valuable expertise in advising the most successful Lithuanian and foreign companies on complex tax matters. Vykintas leads tax consultancy projects for business clients (companies) such as:

  • Application of corporate income tax incentives and tax burden reduction by aligning positions with the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance;

  • Transfer pricing policies and documentation;

  • International taxation (permanent establishment, etc.);

  • Representation in front of tax authorities (regarding inquiries, tax investigations/audits), etc.